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Luke presented with twinging sharp back pain, with pain into his leg and numbness in his foot that came on after lifting weights at the gym some 13 months prior to attending Focus Osteopathy. These symptoms continued when he started back into his Ironman training.

Luke’s aim with treatment was to be well enough to train and complete his Ironman race. The diagnosis was a strain of a lumbar disc causing irritation to the nerve root down the leg. This sort of injury can take a long time to recover from and needs to be well managed.

Within a few weeks of having treatments his leg pain had resolved and back pain had eased, becoming manageable with the advised stretches and exercises. Treatment was aimed at improving the mechanics of his lower back, leg and ankle, and improving muscle function.

He was given advice around getting his bike set up reviewed, changing his workstation posture and how much ironman training would be

appropriate through the stages of treatment and recovery.

After a few months Luke was relatively pain free in his lower back and his numbness in his foot had reduced significantly. He continued to have osteopathic treatment semi-regularly throughout his training and on race day was happy with his results.

“Got it done! Brutal day, very hot, 12hr 5mins time. Swim, bike personal bests, as was the run. Thanks for your help wouldn’t have got there without it.”


Jenny woke with very sharp pain in her neck and shoulder. She was unable to turn to the right or look down without acute pain. The previous weekend she had been skiing and had a number of minor falls onto her bottom as is often experienced with skiing. Often falls like this will jar the neck causing compression of the joint surfaces and inflammation. With sleep the neck is not moving much and therefore the inflammation stagnates in the joint causing it to become restricted and painful.

After Jenny’s first treatment she noted that her movement had improved, and with the advice of icing the area frequently the pain had also reduced. After the second treatment her full neck movement had returned and Jenny barely noticed any pain.


Deb had been gardening for several hours on the weekend and had become sore and restricted later that evening in her low back as a result of holding prolonged twisted postures. On examination several muscles had been strained in the low back, and the lumbar spine and pelvis were restricted.

Treatment was centred on improving mobility through the spine and improving muscle health.

Deb responded very well to treatment and was able to get back to finishing the garden armed with exercises and advice to lessen the chances of re-injury.

The case studies above are an example of one persons journey and response to Osteopathic treatment with their described condition. You may identify with the symptoms in these case studies, however these case studies are written to allow you to better understand how Osteopathic treatment can help with a variety of conditions. They are not a prescriptive approach to a set of symptoms or a condition, and potential results to treatment vary from person to person.

Please remember that we are all individuals with vastly different bodies, mechanisms of injury and symptoms. As such an individalised assessment and treatment approach is required to best benefit you as an individual. If you would like to discuss whether Osteopathic treatment might be appropriate for you please get in touch.

Your health, and the experience you have with us are our top priorities. We’re always happy to receive your feedback.